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Lettings Terms & Conditions

By submitting our lettings application form, you are irrevocably asking Homesure to undertake credit & reference checks upon you, and your fellow tenants and/or occupants (if necessary), if you receive an ‘Acceptance in Principle/Offer of Rental Terms Accepted’ from us and have paid the required holding deposit. Please note that this is not a Tenancy Agreement.

Any Applicants in receipt of Local Housing Allowance (Housing Benefits/DSS) will only be accepted should the Council agree to pay these benefits directly to the Agent/Landlord.

By providing the holding deposit*, you are agreeing to the Agent/Landlord pursuing credit and reference checks to ensure that the information provided by you on the Tenancy Application Form(s) (and Guarantor Application Form(s), (if applicable) is true and correct.

If you are worried about your credit score/history, we suggest that you obtain an independent credit report, as your holding deposit is non-refundable even if you didn’t know that your credit score was unsatisfactory.

The applicant understands that this holding deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances as third-party costs are incurred when obtaining credit and reference checks. This also applies where another agent is marketing the property and the Landlord chooses an applicant from the other agency.

It is the agent’s legal responsibility to inform you, if asked, if there are any other applicants currently applying for the property.

It is not on a first-come, first-serve basis. The landlord has many variables which affect his/her decision including amount of deposit willing to be supplied, move-in date, furnishing standard, etc.

The applicant understands that if they wish to provide a holding deposit (equivalent to one week’s rent recommended), deducted from the balance of monies due upon commencement of Tenancy), that they will be preventing us (not other agents/the Landlord) from booking new viewings, undertaking credit and reference checks on other applicants, which will ensure the applicant will not lose the property, unless they fail part or all of the credit and/or reference checks, fail to provide requested documentation within 10 working days, and/or are refused by the Landlord for reasons beyond our control.

If an applicant does not provide a holding deposit, we reserve the right to undertake credit and reference checks on other applicants who may be accepted for the tenancy over and above them. If a holding deposit is taken and the applicant withdraws their interest from the property, the holding deposit will be paid to the agent and/or landlord to compensate for the period of marketing missed. If the applicant or any of his/her/their referees or guarantors fails to provide the information requested, we have the right to cancel the application immediately, without refund. Please note that, although we will not undertake other viewings once you have paid a holding deposit if we receive an offer from any other party, whether unsolicited or otherwise, it is our legal duty to pass this offer onto the Landlord. This may be from someone who viewed the property before you or wishes to make an offer sight unseen. Please note that we are legally obligated to follow the Landlord’s instruction. The maximum time limit for holding deposits is 10 working days (including Saturday as a working day) from the date of receipt. If you withdraw your application, no monies are refunded.

We use Let Alliance as our preferred partner for the tenant referencing process, who in turn use a third party to check your credit score and credit history.

We work in partnership with Let Alliance who will provide you with no-obligation quotes for Tenant Liability and/or Tenant Contents Insurance upon completion of your reference application.

We will handle all information obtained in the strictest of confidence and in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.We are also authorised and regulated by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). A copy of our registration certificate can be supplied upon request.

You understand that if in the future you default on your tenancy obligations, this information may be released (per S35 DPA 1998) if required to authorised debt recovery agencies and could affect any future applications you make for tenancies, credit, insurance etc.

Completing our application form does not commit the agent, applicant and/or Landlord to a tenancy.

You confirm that you have raised any concerns with the landlord and/or agent prior to commencing with this application. You are aware that any false statements made herewith could result in early termination of the tenancy under Ground 17 of the Housing Act 1996.

All properties are offered subject to not being sold, let, or withdrawn by the owner. We take no responsibility for this occurrence. The cost of any work authorised by you or someone acting on your behalf, without written consent from us and/or Landlord, will not be reimbursed.DO NOT organise the delivery of any furniture/property/belongings until you have signed the Tenancy Agreement and received the keys as the dates for this are subject to change at short notice. We accept no liability for costs incurred as a result of a time and/or date change of the keys being released.

All application details will be shared without reservation with your Landlord should they request. Our application form is copyrighted by Homesure (UK) Ltd and is not to be used for any other application than a contracted client of Homesure Property.