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Here at Homesure, we’re actively recruiting – all the time. If you’re looking for an exciting new opportunity and have both strong core values and an ambitious streak, we’d love to hear from you.

Having acquired 5 companies in 7 years, we’re constantly looking to bolster our existing team, helping us to offer yet more services whilst delivering a better experience and a higher value to our clients while growing.
To help us provide that service, we need consistent and driven team members with a growth mindset, determined to strive for continuous improvement and success.

We want energetic, eager-to-learn individuals looking to become part of a business that genuinely cares for and invests in its team. With our support and your enthusiasm, you could build a career in property, learn new skills, gain qualifications, and increase your personal capital in the process.

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Why join our team?

  • By joining Homesure you’ll become part of an organisation that genuinely cares for its team, that recognises talent and rewards hard work. A firm that promotes from within and provides a truly valuable and worthwhile service to the local community.



  • We don’t hire staff – we hire future partners. We want energetic, eager-to-learn entrepreneurs who are looking to become part of something special. An innovative business that has the potential to be grown into something truly substantial.



  • We’re Liverpool’s highest-rated independent agency for customer service (with a 100% positive review record) and enjoy steady business growth through our word-of-mouth referrals based on our solid history of doing the job properly.



  • With our support and your enthusiasm, you can build a career in one of several property niches. Show an interest in progressing and we’ll give you everything you need to flourish, from new skills and qualifications to support and practical experience



John Greenway
Director of Lettings & Property Management

Why I love working for Homesure


Tia Bazley
Trainee Sales Branch Manager

Why I love working for Homesure

I started my career with Homesure on the 23rd March 2020 – the day the UK went into the first COVID-19 lockdown! After coming into the office for my first day, I was sent home with a computer and a telephone and had to complete my training virtually. This lasted around 5 months.

After 5 months of working at home and only meeting my colleagues virtually, I was extremely nervous to come back to the office. It was quickly proven that I had nothing to be worried about as the team welcomed me with open arms. Unlike many firms, Homesure invests in the younger generation, which has led me to be offered opportunities I never thought possible at the age of 22. After just two years of being with Homesure, I have been offered the position of Trainee Sales Branch Manager. Taking the risk of starting a new job mid pandemic was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.



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Lettings Business Development Manager

Lettings Negotiator

Lettings Negotiator

Senior Estate Agent & Valuer

Lettings Property Manager

Amy Boyle
New Business Development Manager

Why I love working for Homesure

I joined Homesure on an apprenticeship scheme in 2021 but before that I was working full time as a cleaner at IKEA.

Whilst it was a real change from my previous job, it worked incredibly well for me as I was able to learn on the job while doing my apprenticeship work. The team at Homesure took the time to train me and provide me with the correct knowledge and support I needed for the apprenticeship coursework.

I’m really happy I joined Homesure and was given the opportunity to have a full-time position in sales! I love working alongside the team and building relationships with new and existing clients.



Joe McGown
Head of Maintenance

Why I love working for Homesure

I joined Homesure in October 2017 as a fresh-faced apprentice eager to put a dent in the universe.

Throughout my apprenticeship, I impressed my direct manager, as well as all of my colleagues, contractors, and landlords with my consistent desire to improve.

After graduating from my apprenticeship I elected to continue building with Homesure and was promoted to Head of Maintenance and part of the Lettings Leadership Team.



Nothing that catches your eye?

If you can’t see anything that interests you right now, we’d still love to hear from you.
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