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Areas to Invest in Prescot















Average Purchase Price

The average purchase price in the area is £130,000

Average Rent

The average rent in the area is £750 PCM

Average ROI

The average ROI in the area is 7%

Tenancy Types

The area has a high number of Working Tenants.


 Prescot should most definitely be on your radar as an up-and-coming area. It has had a large sum of money invested in the area by the local authorities in recent years. Geographically it is wedged between Huyton, Knowsley, Whiston, Rainhill, and St Helens. Prescot also sits right next to the M57 motorway, making getting around a whole lot easier and quicker! Once you are on the M57, you can jump onto the M62 and make your way to Manchester. Geographically, Prescot sits in between 2 airports – Manchester and Liverpool Airport. 


Have a look at its location on the map below. 

Transport Links: 


As mentioned before, Prescot sits on top of the M57 motorway. Once you’re on the M57, you can pretty much get anywhere in the country following the various motorway routes. 

Prescot has its own train station, in addition to being located very close to stations in Whiston, St Helen, Huyton, and Rainhill. You can hop on a train to Wigan, Liverpool Lime Street, and also Blackpool from Prescot. 

If you need to catch a train to Manchester, you can catch one every hour from Whiston train station. 


Employment Options:


Employment options are key when looking for an investment property. Employment options lead to a demand for housing. On top of this, you’d like to think if your tenant has solid employment that rent will be paid in full and on time every month. Here are some but not all of the points to highlight. 


Whiston Hospital is approximately a 5-minute drive from Prescot. Whiston Hospital currently employs over 4,000 people. They have a specialist burns and plastic surgery unit. It is quite common for nurses, doctors, and other working professionals from the hospital to want to rent in the area. 


The Shakespeare North Playhouse Theatre opened in July 2022. We are starting to see the gradual positive knock-on effect this is having in the area. As well as the theatre putting Prescot on the map, Actors and staff working in the theatre will require housing, another great reason to invest in Prescot. If you fancy seeing what the theatre has on, click here.


Knowsley Safari Park is also located in Prescot. It opened its doors for the first time in 1971. It is estimated that they have had roughly 700,000 visitors a year. They have seasonal events throughout the year, including their enchanted Christmas light trail that attracts a lot of visitors during the Christmas Period. A zoo if this size attracts a large workforce. Again it just further backs up the point that there is a demand for housing in the Prescot area. 


As I have mentioned previously, the M62 and the M57 are easily accessible from Prescot. If I can draw your attention to the below strip of the M62, which houses the Omega Business Park.

Since relaxing planning regulations on the route, in 2011, large commercial units have appeared from nowhere, and there are a lot more to come.




The population according to the last census in 2021 is just under 40,000. Like every area, there are nicer parts and not-so-nice parts. With everything the area has going for it, I would still be confident that you will be providing a home to solid long-term tenants. 


There is a town centre jam-packed with local shops, restaurants, cafes, hairdressers and much more. There is a local website linked here where you can keep up to date with local events. 


The Echo Newspaper have actually released an article this month, indicating their recommended areas for first time buyers. Prescot is 1 of 5 areas that has been mentioned in this article. They have highlighted how it is an up and coming area, and an area to watch!


Lastly, as stands we have 3 offices across Liverpool, one of the locations being… Prescot! We wouldn’t set up a branch in a location we didn’t believe in, the proof is in the pudding.


If all of this was not enough food for thought, I have one last bonus point to mention. Prescot does not currently come under as an area that requires a landlord licence. In a nutshell, you don’t have to fork out £550 for a landlord licence if you invest in Prescot!


Looking to Invest?:

If you send me over your Rightmove links I’ll be able to take a look for you and advise on location, predicted rent etc. 


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