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Area Guide: Runcorn













Average Purchase Price

The average purchase price in the area is £110,000

Average Rent

The average rent in the area is £750 PCM

Average ROI

The average ROI in the area is 8%

Tenancy Types

The area has a high number of Working Tenants.


It has everything going for it.

It is within easy reach of Manchester & Liverpool airports, both of which are located on the Runcorn side of the city. Runcorn & Manchester Airport are both located on the M56, and Liverpool Airport is a short drive from either Runcorn Bridge (there’s now a new one!)


Have a look at the location of the airport, in conjunction with Runcorn below.

If the area is handy for both airports then common sense dictates that it is also well located for traveling to both cities in general. The map above confirms this.


Transport Links

There are 2 stations. One will get you to London in under 2 hours.













The other will take you directly to Manchester Airport, hourly.









I’ve already mentioned that it is practically on top of the M56. This then quickly gets you to the M6, taking you north or south. 


Employment Options

This is one of the most important ones for me, investment-wise. Employment options lead to a demand for housing. There are plenty so I will point out some, but not all.


Runcorn itself is a traditional working-class town, with a focus on the chemical industry. There are still vast amounts of jobs in the industrial sector. Focusing again on the transport links, it makes sense for a factory to be based here.


Sticking with Runcorn itself, in addition to all of the employment options you’d expect from a town (shops, schools, etc.) there is a hospital. It has actually recently received some funding to open a new diagnostic centre.


Just beyond Runcorn, but incredibly close, is Sci-Tech Daresbury where some incredible things are happening. Take a look for yourself.


There are then all of the employment options that go hand in hand with being located close to two major cities.



It is a traditional working-class town of approximately 60,000-70,000 people. Like everywhere, some parts are prettier than others, but you will be providing homes for nice solid long-term tenants.


There are two parts to the town, ‘Old Town’ and ‘New Town’. In Old Town you’ll find traditional terraces, and in New Town a labyrinth of ugly post-war housing.


The town is improving vastly and is attracting a lot of investment. It is improving to the extent that Josh, from our lettings team, chose to buy his home there. He moved in a few months ago. In addition, Tia from our sales team is from there.

Looking to invest?

If you send me your Rightmove links I’ll take a look at the area for you, and will also run them by Josh & Tia who can tell me firsthand.




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