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I've just been listening to Pat Flynn's second appearance on the Entrepreneur On Fire podcast (highly recommended) and one thing in particular struck a chord with me: Give out more than you take.

It is a running theme of EOF interviewees that they become more successful the more free content they put out. Mark and I are always giving out free advice at Homesure Property and are always looking to talk to anyone who’ll listen. This isn’t because it’s a chance to pitch for work, more the opportunity to prove that we are genuinely interested and knowledgeable in our particular fields.

We don’t advertise Homesure to new clients. We rely solely on the word-of-mouth referrals, whether that be from existing or past clients, through our 2 networking events in South Liverpool & on the Wirral, or via social media. Why? Because we’re not salesmen-we’re property experts.

No-one has ever bought a house or rented a flat because of some smarmy agent. It is your job as an agent to be helpful & polite at all times, and act in everyone’s best interests guided by
your knowledge and expertise.

The more good you throw out there, the more good comes back, so don’t see every potential transaction as a win (by definition, a win requires a loser…). See every interaction as an opportunity to provide a good service. Your clients will come back to you like boomerangs and they’ll tell their friends.

Live long & prosper,

Nicholas Stott

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