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Change letting agent, keep your tenant – it’s possible

People often think they can’t change letting agents when they have a tenant in situ. In fact, it’s possible to switch to a new agent at any time. Doing so could even help you keep your tenant for longer.

If you’ve assumed that it’s a long and difficult process to move properties from one letting agent to another, you’re not alone. This is a common misconception.

Where you have a tenant in place – especially if your current agent found that tenant – you may assume that you can’t change letting agent and keep your tenant. In truth, you can. You’re not tied to your current agent for the duration of your tenancy (or you definitely shouldn’t be, if you’re working with a reputable agent).

If you want to change letting agent and keep your tenant, you can.

For example, if you want to work with us, our hassle-free property management transfer service, Homesure Switch, makes it easy. You can switch letting agents, to Homesure, in one easy step. It can, and should, be that simple to move to the property management agent of your choice.

Is it difficult to change letting agent with a tenant in situ?

In short, no. It’s like any of those admin tasks that we put off – changing banks, switching insurance provider etc. It feels like it’s going to be a pain of a job until you actually bite the bullet and do it.
As a nation, we’re good at sticking with what we know, whether it’s the best option or not. Three in five British people have had the same bank account for over 10 years. Twenty three percent have never switched energy provider! Offers, deals and the better options may have come and gone in that time, but something keeps us clinging to the familiar.

Know what happens when you finally decide to make a change? Generally, you discover that it’s way easier than you expected. Whether it’s your utilities provider or your bank account, the company you move to wants your business. Most will do their best to make the change as painless as possible.

The same is true of letting agents. Homesure Switch, to help landlords who are unhappy with their current letting agent switch to us very quickly and easily. You send one email to your current agent, giving us authority to operate on your behalf, and we take care of the rest.


With Homesure Switch you can move your property management to us in one easy step. Send one email to, giving us permission to act on your behalf, and we’ll do the rest. Whether you have a tenant in place or not, it’s easy to Switch with Homesure. #propertyinvestment #landlordlife #landlordproblems #liverpool #itsliverpool

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Changing letting agent could keep your tenant for longer

You’ve read this far into an article about changing letting agents, so the chances are you’re not happy with the service you’re receiving at the moment.

Or perhaps you’re not confident that you’re getting the best possible service but you’re not sure why. It’s just a feeling but it’s one you should listen to. Here’s the rule – if you can’t say with confidence that your agent is doing everything to make sure your properties are compliant and in optimal condition, then it’s time to switch. You should be in control of your investment at all times. It’s your agent’s job to make sure you feel that way.

We make sure our landlords get a top quality service, of course, but we also make sure they know exactly what that means. Our online platform keeps you informed and updated on your portfolio at all times.

Contact our lettings department and we’ll tell you what paperwork you should have in place and the service you should be getting. If find your current letting agent is falling short, you can use Homesure Switch to easily move your properties to us.

When you start working with Homesure, we’ll check your paperwork, inspect your property and generally improve the rental experience for the tenant, as well as the landlord experience for you.

Taking the time to switch to an experienced, independent property agent, providing a verifiable five-star service, will show your tenant how committed you are to providing them with a safe, comfortable home. As we all know, happy tenants in comfortable homes, stay put!

With Homesure Switch you send one email – to your agent or tenant, giving Homesure authority to act on your behalf – and we take care of the rest. Contact our lettings team today, to make the switch.


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