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Homesure’s investment service now open for a limited time

We're relaunching our investment-property sourcing service, as well as a few other offerings, to support investors ready to grow their portfolios in a strategic way. We can only have a small number of active clients at a time, so take action on this quickly!

The market conditions in the North West are now, in our opinion, perfect for property investment. This hasn’t been true for a few years. We never suggest you buy anything that we wouldn’t buy ourselves and, for a while, investments that we were happy to recommend were hard to come by. Now, a number of things have changed; we’re seeing great purchases everywhere we look!

We don’t want to miss this opportunity, so our MD Mark has put some of his projects on hold in order to prioritise the investment and portfolio growth side of the business.

He’s offering a few services that you’ll find valuable if you are:

  1. beginning your property investment journey, and you want to invest with a sound strategy, as well as support from a trusted expert
  2. ready to grow your portfolio (whether Homesure manages your existing properties or not)

Property sourcing

This is always a popular service. You’ll find 101 people offering property sourcing online but it pays to be discerning, when choosing who you trust to source properties for you.

Not only have we been landlords for a long time, we’ve also managed thousands of properties and we have great, long-term relationships with many local landlords. We know the Northwest inside and out. We know a good rental property when we see one AND we know a potential nightmare when we see it as well. There are loads of really great deals around right now but being able to spot them takes a practiced eye, and a robust property viewing checklist.

Invest, at the start of the journey, in finding the best possible deal, and it’ll pay dividends for a lifetime!

Mark can only take a handful of clients for this service, so act fast if it appeals to you.

How to access Homesure’s property sourcing service

Already used the service, or previously registered your interest? Visit our investment page, and view the updated terms, then e-mail Mark directly to let him know that you’re ready, willing and able to buy. He’ll then schedule a call with you. If you don’t already have his email address, contact FAO Mark’s property sourcing service.

Didn’t know the service existed? Visit our investment page, have a good read through, then use the button on that page to book a consultation. The more information that you can provide at this stage, the easier it will be to help you.

He genuinely can only have a few active clients at one time, so don’t overthink it; if it’s something that works for you, get in touch for that initial consultation.

Rate My Deal

This is a free service but at the moments Rate My Deal is only available to landlords who already have one or more properties managed by Homesure.

If you are an existing client, you can submit the details of any property that you’re thinking of buying via this form. Mark will take a look at the photos and advert for you and tell you what he thinks. Read more about this in this recent post about Homesure Property’s Rate My Deal service.

London Meet

In the coming months, Mark will be heading to London to discuss current Northwest property market conditions. If you would like to know when this happens, email Mark direct, send us a message through Instagram or email to register your interest.



Nicholas Stott

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