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Time to sell an investment property? You need the property matchmaker!

There is an ideal buyer out there for every property. Our landlord-to-landlord property ‘matchmaking’ service connects sellers with buyers who speak the same language, to ensure a smooth transaction, even with ‘problem properties’.

If you’re a landlord sitting on a property that you want to sell, we have a quick, no-nonsense solution for you.

There are hundreds of investors in our database, actively looking for new properties. Our director Mark is in regular communication with them. He’ll send your property directly to a long list of existing landlords – all of whom we work with and trust.

They’re not looking for a discount, just a good investment. Selling at full market value could be as quick and easy as that.

The best way to sell an investment property is landlord-to-landlord

Recently, we were approached by a landlord who had tried to sell one of their investment properties through another agent. It wasn’t selling, because it wasn’t eligible for a mortgage.

It was a fantastic deal:

  • Duplex apartment
  • Liverpool city centre, L1
  • Parking included
  • Sale price of £125,000

But no-one was biting.

We sent an email to our investor database and returned with a cash buyer. And that’s not all. Because we’re landlords speaking to landlords, we’re all talking the same language. Mark liaised with buyer and seller, arranging for a tenant to move in right away.


  • the seller is making money as the sale progresses
  • Homesure is managing that tenant, so the transition from one landlord to another will be seamless for them
  • the buyer will be earning rental income from day one

Of course, not all property sales are quite that easy, but that’s ok.

We sell problem properties to buyers pleased to take them!

@homesureproperty Not every issue is a problem. You just need to know the right people. We have hundreds of property investors on our database, so we were able to sell this property for one of our landlords, to another, despite its structural issue. Both seller and buyer were delighted. Another win for the property problem solvers at Homesure! 🕵️🏠 If you have a problem property, get in touch. We’ll find the solution ☑️ Follow us for more property investment tips. #propertyagent #propertyinvestment #propertyinvestmentuk #propertyinvestmentspecialist #propertyinvestor #propertymanager #investwisely #propertyexperts ♬ Explosive Phonk – VEL94EV

This case is in-process right now. We offered a sale property to our database and there were no takers. The hundreds of investors who received that email all have properties managed by Homesure. We know they’re actively looking for properties. So we were able to have proper conversations with them, and ask what was putting them off this making an offer. They didn’t hold back.

Then we went back to the seller and had a proper conversation. We didn’t hold back.

The seller has decided to try selling via auction. Thanks to Homesure Property’s auction service, they can set an auction date right away, working to their timeline. We’ll take care of the whole process.

We’re not discounting the property at this stage, just casting a wider net. That could be all that’s needed; it might be the ideal property for someone.

If it doesn’t sell at auction, well then we’ll have more ‘proper conversations’. The seller might choose to do the work themselves, or lower the price. Whatever they decide, we’ll be there to support them, and to manage the whole thing on their behalf.

Is it time to sell your investment property?

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Does your property management company provide this level of VIP service?

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Nicholas Stott

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