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Why the price of your investment property doesn’t matter as much as you think it does

Important advice for first-time property investors!

We all want the best deal we can get, of course. And I’m not suggesting that the price you pay for your next (or first) investment property doesn’t matter at all. But if you’re putting off entering the market because you’re waiting for the ideal time to buy, you’re missing out.

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@homesureproperty We’re starting the new year with one of the most important pieces of investment advice we have to share. Property investors and aspiring property investors take note – if you’re wondering when to buy, the answer is more simple than you think! Trying to time the property market is a fruitless task, and here’s Homesure’s CEO Nick to explain why. So, if you want to buy an investment property, don’t put it off – start looking today, start earning income ASAP. Take a look back through our videos and blog posts for more property investment advice. And, of course, give us a follow cos there’s plenty more to come! #propertyinvestment #liverpoolproperty #propertysourcer #propertyinvestmentadvice #propertyinvestors #ukproperty #ukinvestment #ukpropertymarket ♬ original sound – Homesure Property

Over the long term, market fluctuations are minor. And if you’re considering property investment, it’s best long term. Flipping houses requires the market to ‘go your way’. That’s a gamble. Investing, letting out and holding a property for 15+ years – compounding your profits along the way, to build a portfolio – is a way to consistently build wealth.

Instead of worrying about minor market fluctuations that could change the price of your property by a few thousand pounds, consider your month to month rental income.

If you don’t buy an investment property this month, you’ll miss out on the £200 profit (for example) that you could have made from rental income next month. If you put it off for two months, you miss out on £400. The sooner you’re in the market, the better.

It’s not timing the market, it’s time in the market

This is a famous phrase for good reason.

Don’t worry about the best time to buy. Even if you end up spending a bit more to buy a property, it ultimately doesn’t matter because the longer you hold it, the more money it will make month to month – as long as you manage it well, maintain legal compliance and keep good tenants of course, but we can help with that!

Conclusion, if you want to invest in property and you didn’t do it yesterday, the best time to do it is today!

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