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An estate agent without a tie

Aside from my refusal to wear a tie, we at Homesure Property also refuse to tie our vendors into minimum periods for advertising their properties.

My attitude towards wearing a tie is that, it’s now about how I look but how I perform.

If you judge me on my appearance, so be it. I understand that some people think that you should spend time looking ‘smart’ and gelling your hair.

However, for every person who expects a dapper agent, another person expects substance over style.

It’s not about “making the sale” and trying to outwit or trick a potential buyer. An agent job is simply to provide access, answers, and expertise.

Hence why we don’t tie our vendors into 12-week contracts like most estate agents.

Instruct us and you will see that we prefer actions to speak louder than suits.



Mark Loughnane

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