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City Lets Liverpool is now under the Homesure Group

“I confirm my retirement from Property Management and to thank you for your loyalty and custom over the years. There is no doubt that, due to the raft of changes brought about by Government, that the need to satisfy all the legislation and to do so comprehensively – whilst providing professional service at affordable prices – was becoming unrealistic.

I am HAPPY to introduce Homesure as professional property managers led by a great team of seasoned property SPECIALISTS that have the right mix of experience, staffing and, crucially, enough property numbers to make the business work successfully.

I assure you that overriding concern when transferring the business will improve. This is my firm belief that I am leaving you in safe and capable hands.

Best of luck for the future.

Yours sincerely,

John D Bullock
Managing Director
City Lets”


“John has always been an active member of the landlord & letting agency community and his knowledge & expertise in a wide range of areas is remarkable, respected, & revered, among industry peers.

With an 18-year history of property management, we are delighted to take the reigns of a well-established and solid core business, that will give our superb team more opportunities to progress their careers by providing an exceptional level of knowledgeable & professional expertise.

We’re looking forward to meeting all of our new landlords & tenants, and sincerely hope they will be comforted by our existing reputation and professional conduct.

We wish John the very best with his future endeavours, and we’re sure he’ll achieve the same – if not greater – successes at whatever he puts his expert hand to.

Nicholas Stott
Managing Director


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