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The importance of being idle

When new tenants move into a property, they can be forgiven for wanting everything to be perfect. After all, moving home is one of the most exciting things you can do in life as it's often a lifestyle change for the better.

From a landlord’s point of view however, it is often the cause of great frustration as outgoing Tenants magically change their opinion on cleanliness when they leave. Properties are very rarely handed back to a landlord or Agent in the same condition that it was handed over.

Ovens that “must be professionally cleaned before I move in” all of a sudden are argued to be “satisfactory” by an outgoing tenant. And who has to deal with this discrepancy? The landlord, or more often – the Agent!

So how we can bring a solution to this problem?

We at Homesure Property have now implemented a mandatory two working day gap between professional Tenancies, and five working day gap between student Tenancies.

This should allow sufficient time for necessary works to be either carried out, or at the very least, scheduled for action as soon as possible.

But the landlord will miss out on rent?

Yes, they will. And this can be a significant opportunity cost when you deal with students as a week’s rent can be upwards of £500! However, getting a Tenancy off on a good foot…

Nicholas Stott

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