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The Queen’s speech

So, I see that landlords across the country have started a new job role today within the UK Border Control. For those not up to speed ‘Her Maj’ announced at the state opening of Parliament that landlords will face fines if they house illegal immigrants.

Presumably, these fines will be used to fund the building of a wall around the perimeter of Britain to stop these troublesome tenants gracing our shores.

I am left puzzled as to how they think that this groundbreaking crackdown on immigration is going to work. Any responsible landlord will collect ID and proof of income prior (amongst other checks) prior to moving a tenant into a property. If a tenant can provide either of these items, it is safe to say that they are either here legally or are in possession of fraudulent documents.

What Queen Lizzie failed to clarify for me was what should I do if I discover that a potential tenant is in possession of fraudulent documents? Does my new job role within the UK Border Control provide me with new powers of authority? Ideally, I would like to be provided with at least a Taser and a blue flashing light for my car, because if I am left face to face with a terrorist (The Daily Mail have informed me that this is what all illegal immigrants are) I want to be well prepared. Hmmmm… this could be the worst series of 24 ever.

Ok I exaggerate, but realistically how is any of this going to help crack down on illegal immigration? I suspect that this is a nice distraction from 1 or 2 other problems that we have going on in the country at the moment.

Lots of love,

Mark Loughnane

Mark Loughnane

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